Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some crucial personal decisions

During my meditation that began in 2003, I came to the conclusion that the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) with its deep scientific and experiential basis was the best knowledge system in the world. As I read the Hindu scriptures, the epics, the Bhagwat Gita, the Vedas and Upanishads, my resolve became stronger to work towards making this knowledge system the “jagat guru”(predominant knowledge) of the globe. Learning and understanding the deep philosophy of yoga, ayurveda, astrology,dharma, moksha as well as usage of yantra, mantra and tantra strengthened my conviction. Can the Indian Knowledge System with its emphasis on science, research, subjective and objective analysis, depth of knowledge, an integrated world view replace the present Western civilization ethos, with its multiple limitations of superiority, exclusiveness and bullying?

I appreciated that Hinduism was a collection of different and distinct philosophical and intellectual point of views rather than a rigid set of belief. Integral to the Indian Knowledge System was the conflict resolving aspects of Hinduism and a world view that looked at all beings as part of one’s self. That appealed to my mind, especially in a world with strong, imposing sectarian views that has led to multiple wars, mass murders and bloodshed.

So, I resolved to work on the following three different aspects of the Indian Knowledge in  a phased manner

1.       Nation Building Aspect
2.       Propagating the scientific angle of the Indian Knowledge System
3.       Experimenting, validating some of the key understandings of this knowledge system as well as formulating its findings


For the Indian Knowledge System to become the dominant knowledge, it had to be successful and also seen to be successful. India was the only country that can be the laboratory of the Indian Knowledge System and therefore it had to be a flourishing country for this knowledge to be taken seriously in the world. But the present-day India, with so much poverty, injustice, deprivation and despair, was surely not an example to be worthy of being considered. India had to change and the transformation could only happen from the top. In a democracy, the top decision making was the governance structure. We have some of the finest people in the world, but poor governance is not able to do justice to Indians. We are a first class nation with a third class government.

Therefore, I got involved with nation building and became a part of the churning of the national consciousness. Realizing that small changes would be inadequate, I focused on major transformative events. In the Mahabharata, Bhima and Duryodhana kept on fighting for 15 days with no end in sight, till Sri Krishna showed a weak point or button in Duryodhana’s body to attack, leading to Bhima’s victory. My focus was on buttons of change and levers that could lead to transformative changes. Thus, I became one of the catalysts for the drafting and passing of the Right to Information Bill, the Nagar Raj or Swaraj Bill (a powerful decentralization law that has the potential to change the relationship between the ruler and the ruled) and in 2011, a part of the historical India Against Corruption movement and now, the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). AAP is a political party created to change the system and rules of politics, a party built on participation, accountability, transparency, decentralization and integrity, a party that has the potency to either rebuild the governance structure or force other parties to do so.

I firmly believe that the churning in the governance has started and will result in major transformation activities. In this churning, there will be nectar coming out and poison too. My purpose of changing the status quo has truly started. That was my limited goal and I am glad that in the short time, it has begun to be fulfilled. Its time to move on to include other phases of my goals in my life.


In an allegorical reference, someone wrote that 300 years back the mystics told the scientists to find the building blocks of nature (smallest particle that can be multiplied to explain creation). The scientists started going deeper and deeper from the molecule to the atom to the sub-atom to hadrons, mesons, baryons, nucleons etc. It was Heisenberg’s theory of uncertainty and further experiments of quantum physics that made them understand that every particle in nature is connected to each other. The scientists bowed their head to the vedic world view of “vasudeva kutumbikam” (everything is part of the family).

So, after 300 years of the attempts of the scientists, it is probably time for mystics to explain the comprehensive Indian Knowledge System using the language of science. I intend to attempt the same in these blogs as well as other writings and lectures.


A woman’s body has the potential to become pregnant. Similarly, the human body has the hidden potential to awaken its energies in a manner that the energy flows from the base of the spine towards the brain, awakening and activating neural nerves, thereby increasing intelligence and sensitivities. This is called Kundalini awakening. This knowledge needs to be validated and experimented. Also, the relationship between consciousness and energy needs to be formulated and disseminated. This requires a great deal of experimenting and meditation.

From 2003 to the beginning of 2011, I was able to balance all the three activities – nation building, scientific synergy and experimenting. But once the India against Corruption movement and subsequently, the Aam Aadmi Party started, my spiritual activities took a back seat. The mindset needed for nation building activity was rajasik (activity and passion oriented), while for spiritual growth, one needed a sattvik (reflection, meditation, time and space) mindset. I used to joke that in spiritual pursuit, one achieved peace of mind, while in nation building activity, one’s mind would be in pieces.

I found it more and more difficult to balance both the mindsets – the sattvik and the rajasik. By August 2012, I had to abandon the sattvik lifestyle. No meditation, no reading, no reflection. Just fire-fighting, strategizing, agitating and building the organization. But, all the time, my heart was yearning for the peaceful, fulfilling and evolutionary life that I had left behind.

Now that the nation building churning is on its way, I also need to activate my sattvik aspect. So, I intend to start ruminating, reflecting and seeking more clarity and depth with a view to link the vedic world view with the scientific one. I shall endeavor to balance my sattvik and rajasik aspects. I might need to take a slightly back seat in the nation building activity that has already taken a life of its own, to attempt something that is more important to me? While I reflect on the scientific angle of Hindu notion, can I redefine Hinduism to mean a deep, scientific, conflict-resolving philosophy rather than the militant, me-vs-you Hinduism on display?

Sri Aurobindo was a leader and guide in the freedom struggle for some time.  But he was getting more and more involved in the spiritual practices. In 1921, he was again and again pressed by the leaders of the Indian National Congress to return to the country and guide the country. However, he declined repeatedly saying that he no more believed in the human methods of the day, but was in search of an unfailing Divine Power which could be man’s if only he developed himself into the necessary consciousness to wield it.

I used to write blog posts on spiritual subjects from January 14th 2010 till August 7th 2012 on These blogs were quite popular and I received suggestions to convert these writings into a book. But, I was not convinced. I thought that my writing and understanding was quiet amateurish and superficial.

But now I want to give it a good shot. I intend to start blogging regularly again. My subject will be LEELA - the Game of Life.

I seek your feedback, so that I can improve my writing skills and understanding. And maybe fructify these blog writings into a book. The blogs will appear in soon.


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  2. Nice Article. Please share your everyday experiences of spirituality.

  3. Please do share Mayank bhai. I have seen you in the Rajasik and have seen some unbelievably calm and unperturbed responses from you in the face of extreme provocation bu other people, as well as inimical circumstances. It is very very clear to me that these can come only from a mind that has been sattvic and practiced contemplation and reflection. If a recharge of that is neccessary, for success even in the Rajsik work of nation building, then its worthwhile. Large sections of people, or at least I can speak for myself... feel inspired and motivated by your exemplary conduct. Do go and get reconnected to the source of it all. And please share your enquiries and findings with us

    With love always,

  4. nice to read your blog.. please continue the same..Even Iam to fond of spritual lectures literatures etc I do attend various lectures of eminent pious seers and learned pandit of our madhwa community..which I cherish most...this blog is good one who knows in fiture we may know you like sir aurbindo aka sir mayank Gandhi

  5. Nice article.
    We need a philospher king. That means a public representative or politician with a sattvik bend of mind.

    Would love to read your blogs. Hope you will continue to spend enough time for nation building. The plight of Indians is that it does not have enough sattvik rajnetas. Hope AAP(Mayank) and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) will fill this gap.

  6. Mayank ji - have loved interacting with you always. I also appreciate your perspective. Best of luck with the new endeavor.

  7. It Sounds like "Art of Living" . Nice one

  8. Shrikant AcharyaJuly 7, 2014 at 9:50 PM

    The people of this great land have been influenced by the other education.In the Upanishads, it is stated that out of 10 drops of rain 6 drops are for the sea,as maximum jeev-life exists in the sea. Mankind has to survive only on 1/2 drop of rain. In the practices of this land one has reverence to deities that co existed with other forms of life.Lord Datta is in company with a cow and calf,a dog and is standing under a Banyan Tree. Lord Shankara has a serpent for his company.Lord Ganapati is half animal and rides on a rat. Importance of all this knowledge has not reached the generation that are alive today. The world is dominated by another thought process, where contact with nature is limited. Lord Jesus is son of a shepherd, while Lord Mohammad was dweller of an area, that is not suitable for human life. Mayankbhai your path will certainly help in rediscovering the knowledge this land had, but has been lost.

  9. It will be a pleasure to read your daily blog Mayank. I myself have an abiding interest in spirituality which constantly conflicts with our modern lifestyle. Your thoughts on the subject will be highly enlightening. I look forward to the experience of reading your daily blog. Archana

  10. You said it is difficult to balance the two mind sets of the 'rajasik' and the 'sattvik'. Yes, this is quite true. A sattvik practitioner is actually in the process of discarding the veil called 'Maya' or the illusion in pursuit of the real. A sattvik practitioner also involved in rajasik activities is at peace with himself while discharging rajasik roles. Therefore, such a person is streets ahead of others in the area called leadership and also becomes an acceptable face as leader. But, a Sattvik person eventually is likely to get fed up of rajasik activities as this primarily conflicts with his vision of destroying 'Maya' and finding out the truth! I suspect you may finally abandon rajask for the sattvik! When this will happen am not sure though.

  11. Dear Mayank,

    I am elated to hear that you are seeking to re-connect with your spiritual self.
    I am sure keeping this balance between Sattkvik and Rajsik will be the best for you and for the nation. In fact I always wanted to tell Arvind to encourage everyone in AAP to try some form of meditation, so that we all have immense inner peace despite whatever the external conditions. Arvind himself, as everyone knows goes to a Vipassana meditation camp every year for last 23 years. I don't know if he is also following the discipline now or not. But if you speak with him do tell him it extremely important.

    I am a mere novice compared to you people in this sphere. But whatever I experienced in one 10-day camp in Dec 2012 in Vipassana, it was simply out of this world. Somehow when you said linking science with spirituality, I thought of Vipassana - the most scientific way to self actualization. I also wrote a blog on my experience, please read it and try going for a 10 day camp if you like. Here is the blog


  12. Nice to hear from you Mayank and equally delighted to read this piece. Jainism has always maintained that one must continue his spiritual journey while continuing worldly activities with detachment. Politics today however needs people of your disposition. It may seem like a swim against the tide but then what is to be gained in going with the flow. Does this mean you will go slow or stay away altogether from active politics?

  13. Brilliant blog. Look forward to reading more about your thoughts on hinduism and science. Never let your sattvik side go again!

  14. One of the most composed and complete articles I hv read... pls keep up the good work

  15. Every day we used to learn something and today it is from you. Thanks a ton for such an article.

  16. Yes I would like to read your Blog and thanks for sending me the mail about it. I feel your confusion energy as i read this piece. I pray that you r sorted quickly and of course it will benefit me as your writing will reflect the same :P and yes i liked reading this piece but i know you are capable of much more depth and would like to see more of that in the future :) once again thanks

  17. Nicely narrated and explained. Good to know about your other side.

    Wishing you best wishes for your journey further.

    Also keep enlightening others by sharing your knowledge and experience(Pure Truth and no cosmetics) :)

  18. I have always been an enquirer and a seeker. If I look back, right from the days I remember of my childhood, I have always been questioning everything. As time would have it, I rarely received answers which gave some satisfactory explanation to the chaos around me.

    At times I thought I should stop the search and meekly give in to the ways of the world, maybe that's how things work. Often this is the case with most of the seekers.

    My father, Harmel Singh Sangha, is my spiritual guru. He has always encouraged me to set out on my path and find answers to the questions troubling me.

    When I went to him, dejected and lost with some of these hammering questions, He just smiled and said, what you seek is not achievable without giving in. I did not understand it right at that moment, but as my search continues and my understanding of this beautiful energy grows, I realize what he meant.

    I firmly believe that this blog will help me attain my ultimate aim, as it comes from someone who is successfully walking on this path for a long time now.

    ** I am in no position to suggest anything, but expect the writing to remain as simple as it is now. I like the flow of the blog and look forward to next posts.

    A big Thank you for adding me to this list.

  19. siddharth sonalkarJuly 8, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    har insaan maya aur brahma ke bich me dolata rahata hai! if my goal is self liberation then i have to stick to the another assumption that everything is MYTHYA (MAYA). so why nation building when everything is maya.QUANTUM PHYSICS and CONSCIOUSNESS are not corelated.few may think opposite.but if u are on path of self liberation dont turn back from that path.swami vivekananda did nation building from spiritual path.

  20. Dear Mayankbhai,

    As a person I love and like you. It's not difficult for an experienced eyes to understand you. If you really want to practice spirituality, your focus should be Parmatma and not nation. I don't see that AAP will ever succeed politically for at least next 10 yrs. After 10 yrs. AAP will not be existing. Next 10 yrs are of Narendra Mody. If you are worried about Nation, leave it to Narendra Mody. He will inculcate maximum honesty in public life. Each one of us are honest so far as it is not benefiting us. Leave the Nation and People to themselves and you concentrate in listening and studying Srimad Bhagwad Geeta and Upnishads and focus on Antakaranshuddhi. Best Wishes.

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