Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Karma yoga (part 1)

Every microsecond of our lives, we are in activity. There is action even in inaction. Breathing, thinking, working, motor activity everything is going on all the time. Activity cannot cease, for if it does, we shall cease to exist.

Therefore, considering that action is inevitable, the question before us is twofold– what should be the purpose and intent of the actions and consequently, what the nature of activity is.

People generally work for the satisfaction of the five senses, and getting some comfort from it, one gets attached and binding increases, wishing for repeat performances of that act. Not being successful, one grieves. This constant striving for fruits of action creates the unending cycle of happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain.  We increase our load of work mostly due to attachment and greed, and till the end of life the burden makes us over-worked and over exhausted.

The mind is the ruler of the senses. Wherever the mind goes, the senses follow it. If the mind runs towards sense gratification, then all senses will get activated for want or greed of various sounds, touch, beauty, taste and smell. If the mind wants to go towards service to others, then the indriyas (senses) will also start activating themselves on that path.

As the army becomes victorious when the king is captured, similarly, if the mind is controlled, all indriyas will follow suit. As the sun is invisible if covered by clouds, but can be visible as soon as the clouds have passed, similarly the mind which is covered by passions, become clear as soon as passion has left. As the light of the sun is always present in spite of the clouds, similarly the true knowledge in the mind is always present, one just needs to unveil the curtains of “false concepts or knowledge” that has sullied the mind.

So what is true knowledge and how does one act ?


  1. Bhagwad Krishna says in Gita that the reality & true knowledge is all within but covered under the layers of ignorance. Uncover the layers of the ignorance and the truth is there. The awareness that the "self" within is nothing but the reflection of the same power, the God, to which we give many names. The same power is working through me, you & everybody and there is common link present in all of us establishing the oneness among one and all.

  2. Surrendering to him is the safest way to celebrate the grand celebration called Life but to really surrender needs lots of patience, faith and hope, which is quite rare in todays World as people like me are busy complaining all the time instead having faith , I am glad you shared this inspiring and informative writing with us . Surprisingly I wS sharing something similar almost at the same time yest. When she was cribbing that I listen only to what I have to not all what she says . I knew in my subconscious mind that mind responds to only what my heart wants to somewhere both are connected but it is just the first part .
    My belief Is unless we not have virakti (dejection)with Worldy affairs ,we cant have asakti (love )in God ,but it is as possible by following the Karm yoga was something I was anabhigya (not known) to . Thank you once again for the share and kindly keep sharing such piece of work more with us . :)

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