Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Karma Yoga (part 3)

The Gita and the Vedanta thought process leads from ignorance to knowledge. A knowledge that teaches escape from the cycles of births. Understanding of a journey that starts from the lower consciousness but leads to the highest consciousness and beyond for salvation.
This intellectual understanding while extremely important, would still be only speculative; it could not have any spiritual value. Like reading a recipe without experiencing food. Thus, it is not by “thinking out” the entire reality, but by a change of consciousness that one can pass from the ignorance to the Knowledge.
For direct experiencing of Reality, this knowledge will have to be converted into spiritual experience by intensive sadhana of Yoga and Tantra. Deep and intensive practice can lead to opening of chakras or inner consciousness. And on opening of chakras, the journey from lower consciousness to higher to supreme consciousness begins.
This journey of evolution gives access to the Divine Intelligence or Divine energy. But, it needs to be remembered that accessing the supreme consciousness or the Divine energy cannot be the final destination. This should never lead to an individual achievement of the Divine realization for the sake of an individual, but something to be gained for humanity. This Divine energy needs to be brought down to Earth-consciousness and should be used for betterment of humanity and existence.
And this work should be done without desire of name, fame, power or any selfish motive, but as a surrender to the Divine.
So the sequence should be
1. Knowledge through reflection, books and scriptures
2. Experiencing through practice and meditation
3. Evolution to Supreme intelligence and having access to Divine energy
4. Using that Divine energy and intelligence for selfless work for humanity (karma yoga).


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  2. Very nice article. Thank you. By the way, I am happy you are Ex-Aap. Fakeriwal alias Khu.jliwal is really bad company

  3. I have been a follower of your articles, Mayank! They are good.
    The only problem (or disconnect) I see with Soul is (or we have souls), as a human being (animal), I do think that after death my soul (or me as a Soul) will go to some Universe (Atmala Loka, if it exists).
    Then, why can not I feel about my physical body (human being) while I was a Soul. I do not see a connect between Soul and Physical body.

    This sometimes make me that, this God etc is just crap, and it is just our imagination to believe that I will NOT die. I should live FOREVER (because we all want to live long life/or maybe forever). This is what has been telling by Athiests, saying there is not direct evidence to prove Soul's exisence.

    If you can say about this gap, referencing any REAL things, really very happy.

  4. There is a conflict in Gita and Vedanta , Mayank Gita says everything is Vishnu, even the Shreemad Bagwad Geeta is Lord Vishnu,while leaving the World God himself turned into the form of Geeta , but Vedanta truly believes in No Lord but the scriptures .Though your Karma Yoga is very much related to the Vedanta " The first stage of surrender is, accepting to follow the teachings of the Lord in our life. The first surrender is accepting to follow the teachings of the Lord in our day to day life."..

  5. Every one is connected with one another. None is perfect. Supporting one another is the rule of nature.

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